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Feedback behavior report

Your team’s feedback behavior can be viewed on one simple dashboard. Easily get an overview of your team’s activity, who is actively giving feedback and who is asking for more feedback.


Build a feedback culture

A visual dashboard provides you with the team’s feedback activity, so that you can easily motivate the right behaviour. See how many users are active, how much written feedback has been exchanged and how helpful the feedback has been.


feedback culture at work
peer coaching feedback at work

More targeted feedback training

The dashboard highlights employees who need support giving feedback, which allows training to become more focused. As a result, your team will learn to give more meaningful feedback and employees can learn from each other more quickly.



Recognise coaching behaviour

Reward people who actively engage with others’ development and provide the most helpful feedback. Identify employees who are motivated to learn and encourage others to respond to a colleague’s question. This way you can create a self-learning work environment.


recognize feedback coaching behavior