Impraise reduces the threshold for people to give feedback
Impraise reduces the threshold for people to give feedback
Marc Jansen - Global Manager Learning and Talent
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Compared to other tools, Impraise saves me a lot of time, while gathering much more feedback.
Impraise is a great tool for young organizations where people want frequent feedback for improvement
Impraise reduced the workload per review cycle from 2 months to 2 weeks.
Impraise is a great tool to encourage peers to share feedback on a daily basis.
Impraise is really a key way to develop our people.
Impraise is great to keep	 your	organization agile	 and empower	people while growing fast.
Impraise helps us understand that feedback is a constructive conversation, where people can learn and improve all the time
Impraise is intuitive, friendly and very easy to use. It allows feedback to happen in a much more consistent manner
The on-the-job sales coaching through Impraise has been one of the drivers for our 11% increase in employee engagement
We needed a solution that was simple, user-friendly and easy to implement, we found this in Impraise